Museodivino’s experience is a guided journey through the deepest Neapolitan tradition and through the highest Italian Literature. You can enrich your visit with several workshop  for families, groups, school classes and professionals


Children and families are particulary welcome and their visit is made confortable, since the nativities’ stalls are at kid’s level, and every little visitor receive a magnifying glass.

Teens and Schools

Along with the guided tour of Antonio Maria Esposito’s works, our workshops will help the imagination of students to free itself in painting, drawing, singing and playing.

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A workshop for kids, teachers and families about the Neapolitan arts of patience, silence and concentration

kids from 7 to 10 years of age The Divine Comedy as a tool to guide our first steps of ethical self-consciousness

young people from 10 to 13 years of age

From the Divine Comedy to modern times, let’s travel through myths and legends about the battle in our souls.

young people from 13 to 18 years of age

A poet is a friend: he can help us express through symbols what is impossible to say, and create, instead of disorder, a proper community. 


The MUSEODIVINO Center offers several activities related to the Divine Comedy. The SAME Collection’s miniatures in walnuts are the starting and landing point of a captivating and interactive journey through art and culture.

museum by night

Every Night at 9 pm, we offer the “Museum by Night” experience, including: A tasting of Neapolitan coffee at Cuccuma Caffè, A guided tour of the SAME Collection with some in-depth information on the Neapolitan Nativity and the Divine Comedy, and the theatre Performance the Poet and the Muse – from the joys and torments of Inspiration to the tale of the Divine Comedy from Beatrice’s point of view. Reservation is required . Maximum number of participants: 10 per night. Cost: 10 €. Always available in Italian, English and French; also available in German and Russian if the visit is booked at least two days before.

Dante Aloud!

Dante Aloud! Reading the Divine Comedy. Every tuesday and thursday from 6 to 8 pm we hold the workshop Dante Aloud! open to anyone. Come everytime you want to, just look and be curious or grab your courage and play Dante yourself!

Cost: 5 € per session. info: +39 339 4640080

dante 2021

In 2021 will occur the seventh centenary of the death of Dante: worldwide celebrations will take place all over the world. “700 years in a walnut” is a project by  Museodivino that will celebrate Dante2021 through this stupefying collection of miniatures. A series of conferences, theatre performances, workshops and meeting regarding the Divine Comedy and its relation with modern times will take place in the museum to enrich the experience of the vision for all our visitors through the whole 2021.

If you represent a national or international cultural institution, and you are interested in

– workshop or seminars,

– school activities,

– theatre performances,

please write at


Museodivino is also a Research Center and a Cultural Hub.

You might find here:
– books
– relax/free wifi
– reading space

You might see here:
– conferences
– theatre performances

You might participate to:
– seminars
– discussion panels
– workshops

Our main subjects of research:
– Neapolitan traditions and popular culture
– Divine Comedy in the history of art
– the role of women in Dante’s masterpiece
– women and spirituality
– art and spirituality


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The Museodivino is temporarily closed for technical reasons, reopening is expected by the middle of June. Info and reservations at +39 339 464 0080

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